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If you have any genealogical connection to Sandusky, Ohio, the Sandusky Library Archives Research Center has a great blog about historical people and places. It is published by staff of the Sandusky Library and Follett House Museum, using materials from their local history collections, and is called, appropriately, Sandusky History.

Each posting is labeled according to the surnames, streets  and  buildings used in the story, making it easy to search out one that might contain your ancestor.Though many films have used Sandusky as a punch line, it is an interesting city with a rich history. Sandusky was a major stop on the Underground Railroad prior to the abolition of slavery in the U. S. In scenes from  Uncle Tom’s Cabin, slaves seeking to reach freedom in Canada made their way to Sandusky, where they boarded boats crossing Lake Erie to the port of Amherstburg in Ontario, for example. “Sandusky History”  is definitely worth a bookmark!


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