A thought on politics…

I’m wondering. Is picking a woman as your vice presidential running mate the way a candidate Jumps the Shark? I hope not. I hope picking a female running mate doesn’t guarantee it’s all downhill from here.

While many minor parties, back to 1800s, have nominated women for both President and Vice President, between the two major parties, we have had Geraldine Ferraro and, now, Alaska governor Sarah PalinPalin  is John McCain’s running mate.

Ferraro,  a savvy politician, was Walter Mondale’s running mate in 1984. The choice of Ferraro was a gamble, as no female had been on a major party’s top ticket before, but  Mondale was 16 points behind Ronald Reagan, so he was reaching for a bump. After her selection, polling was “dead even.” However, in November, Mondale/Ferraro lost in an electoral landslide.

We have the opposite situation here: A very close race, and the choice of a woman for Vice President is supposed to give McCain  a bump to clinch the lead and keep it.  Palin is little known on the national stage. Even though she’s young, and has been governor for only two years, she’s probably more competent than he imagines, probably smarter, deeper and stronger than he thinks,  but I believe all he sees is the gender issue: reach out to the disappointed supporters of Hilary Clinton.   It’s cynical of me, but I think he’s chosen her strictly for that reason. If he wanted a woman of proven competence, he might have at least looked at Elizabeth Dole.

We’ll see in November how it pans out.

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  1. TransDutch says:

    I believe McCain picked Palin to solidify the religious right more than he did to attract Hillary Clinton supporters. Hillary Clinton Supporters who are attracted by Sarah Palin were supporting Clinton only for her gender – not on any issues. Palin is pro-creationism, pro-life, pro-guns, pro-death penalty. McCain’s choice of her as his VP removes any doubt (in my mind) about whether or not he is a moderate. The answer is no.

    I agree Elizabeth Dole would have been a far more experienced choice. And McCain did show that experience wasn’t a major criteria for his VP choice.

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