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I heard someone on the news today say, “If you were an evil villain and wanted to send a hurricane to the worst possible place for America’s oil industry, Ike would be it.” And when you realize that with modern technology, we have the ability to forecast and prepare for such a storm, and still it is going to be a disaster of major proportions, you wonder about life in Galveston 108 years ago. That storm, as I understand it, had been encountered by some ships’ captains, but of course, no one had any idea of how to tell where a storm would go when it was out there in the Gulf. Some interesting sites about the 1900 Hurricane.

We recommend that first you establish that the family lived in Galveston at the time of the Storm. You can do this by checking the 1899-1900 Galveston city directory located in the Galveston & Texas History Center. This directory lists the head of the household, his occupation and where he lived. Also check the 1900 Federal Census for Galveston County. Taken in June 1900, only three months before the Storm, it lists the family members, their ages, birth month and year, occupation, and whether they immigrated to the United States and in what year. Finally you should check the lists of the dead, including pamphlets, books, and newspaper listings. The Galveston Daily News and the Houston Daily Post have long lists of the dead with up to 4,900 names. Some families died and were never identified. A complete list of the victims will never be known The Rosenberg Library has compiled a “master list” of names taken from these printed lists of victims. These names were checked against the 1899-1900 Galveston city directory to confirm spellings and residences.


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