The Genealogist’s Bookshelf: The Source.

The Source cover The Source  A Guidebook to American Genealogy is an important addition to your genealogy bookshelf. Edited by by Loretto Dennis Szucs and  Sandra Hargreaves Luebkin, this illustrated guide to records, techniques and best practices was updated in 2006 to include electronic media and sources. Special subjects such as tracing urban ancestors help you break down brick walls. Other esoteric resources covered include tracking immigrants, Native American, Spanish/Southwest, Black, Asian, Jewish-American, computers and heredity & lineage societies.

It also guides you to published genealogical sources: city directories, newspapers, genealogy indexes and compiled biographies. Appendices include addresses of regional Federal Archives, state historical archives, historical societies, research libraries, “Where to Write for Vital Records”, genealogy societies and genealogy book publishers.

Many  genealogists refer to this book as their “Genealogy Bible,” the first place they turn to for inspiration, direction and help for genealogy. DearMYRTLE says of this edition, “I especially like to curl up and read it when I get stuck in a rut using just one or two types of records. This book reminds me to broaden my scope of research!”


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