More random DNA news stories

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DNA reveals a murder victim’s identity in San Francisco — nearly four decades later.

A blood test for Down Syndrome uses mother’s blood DNA  with no risk to fetus, according to this article from WebMD.

A California company, Complete Genomics,  plans to offer in 2009 DNA testing for $5,000, down from the current $100,000.  A British firm, Express DNA, is also lowering test prices.

Federal investigators say they will do DNA testing on remains found amid the wreckage of missing adventurer Steve Fossett’s airplane in the mountains of eastern California.

And for Leah, Mark, and all the other chocolate lovers I love: LiveScience says scientists have discovered that there are actually 10 genetic types of cacao, the plant from which chocolate is made, rather than the mere three that were thought to exist.

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  1. Matt says:

    Hi mom! This one’s twice as good because it’s DNA AND chocolate.

  2. Libbi says:

    Yeah, that’s what I thought, too!

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