Check out new blog: Graveyard Rabbit

A new blog focusing on those who haunt graveyards BEFORE they die: The Graveyard Rabbit is worth reading. It started October 18, and the creator has a companion blog, Graveyard Rabbit of the Hill Country.

This new blog is the home blog of The Association of Graveyard Rabbits. Founded in 2008 by Terry Thornton of Fulton, Mississippi, the association is currently inviting and accepting members. The association will be composed of members who blog about cemeteries, grave markers, burial customs, and other genealogy-by-graveyard topics. So, if you want to start a blog on that you can become a charter member. If you just want to read about that, then subscribe to the Association’s blog and keep up with the members!

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  1. Terry Thornton says:

    Thanks, Elizabeth, for the “shout out” and the links. I’m so please with the reception that the Association of Graveyard Rabbits is receiving and most appreciate your mention. Hope to see lots of fellow bloggers becoming graveyard rabbits! Come join us.

    Terry Thornton

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