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Wednesdays are turning into the busiest day of the week for me. So this will be a very short entry:

Are you keeping a diary or journal? Be certain your descendants can get to it! Nothing is more fascinating than a peek into daily life of generations past!

Some diary sites:

  • http://dohistory.org/diary/: Martha Ballard wrote in her diary nearly every day from January 1, 1785 to May 12, 1812 (27 years)¬† for a total of almost 10,000 entries. Her diary is an unparalleled document in early American history.
  • http://docsouth.unc.edu/southlit/chesnut/maryches.html¬†Mary Chestnut’s Civil War Diary is a must-read. Life in South Carolina during this time in American’s history is compelling.

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