The things people will do to promote a movie….

I am a public relations professional, and this sort of thing makes me cringe when I read it.

Discovery of Tomb & Relics From Marriage of Jesus and Mary Magdalene to Be Unveiled in New York City May 5th
LOS ANGELES, April 29 /PRNewswire/ — A remote mountain tomb and relics from 1st century Jerusalem have been discovered in southwest France.
Among them are a simple pottery drinking cup and a small ointment vase that were said to have been used at the wedding of Jesus and Mary Magdalene over 2000 years ago.
According to the priest who hid them away a century ago, they are sacred relics — the true Holy Grail — which symbolized this secret wedding.
They have been analyzed by both the British Museum and Dr Gabriel Barkay of Bar Ilan University, Jerusalem, who said:
“It is possible that artifacts excavated by the Templars on Temple Mount would find a way to Europe. The finds in this chest are really intriguing and it is really something that inflames the imagination.”
The tomb contains a mummified corpse lying under a shroud with the red cross of the Knights Templar. Initial DNA testing has revealed it to have a Middle Eastern origin.
These finds were made as the result of the discovery of a cache of papers, hidden by a French priest at the end of the 19th century. They revealed that he had discovered a tomb that had compelled him to break with his Church and Faith. He said:
“The resurrection of Jesus was a trick, it was Mary Magdalene who took his body from his tomb. Later, the body of Jesus was discovered by the Templars and then hidden three times. Not in Jerusalem. The Tomb is here. Parts of the body are safe.”
These finds, and the remarkable story that led to them, can be seen in a new documentary film, BLOODLINE which premieres on May 9th at the Village East Cinema in New York City, and then on May 16th at the Laemmle Sunset Five Cinema in Los Angeles before a nationwide release.
Director, Bruce Burgess, will be showing the relics at the News Conference alongside his producing partner Rene Barnett and a distinguished panel of archaeologists, forensic experts and members of the Church.

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