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If your summer (or winter!)  travels include south Florida this year, check out Nova Southeastern University in Broward County.  A recent article in the Sun-Sentinel announced a new set of online and printed genealogy materials at the college, open to the public. Students and alumni can use the databases remotely; the general public must go to the library itself and get a login from the librarian. Still, it’s a good thing to see more and more genealogy data available to the public, and for free!
Another bit of genealogy news comes from the Sun Herald in Biloxi.  After Hurricane Katrina  disrupted everything there, the local genealogy society and historical society both became less active. Now that rebuilding is well underway, the two groups have decided to merge, bringing together over 100 years of accomplishments in research, compiling records of towns and families and overseeing the county’s most historic building, the La Pointe-Krebs House, commonly called Old Spanish Fort.

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