Online Genealogy Course

If the weather is frightful where you are, and you don’t want to get out, consider an online genealogy course. A good one is Kimberly Powell’s at Self-paced, short and to the point, it will get you started if you are a newbie, and perhaps refresh your memory on good techniques if you have been at it a while. Just the way to spend a wintry week indoors!

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Writer for 30 years. Genealogy a hobby for about 40 years. Yes, I'm in my 50's, I learned about genealogy at my mother's knee!
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  1. Libbi, your blog has a wealth of information! You are one busy lady and even if you are a little cold (finally), tonight, (or is it morning, already?), it will be a productive time for you to blog! I don’t think, however, that we are going to get snow.

  2. Libbi says:

    Thanks! And it will be too cold for my taste this week, especially as I will have to cover my azaleas, and other tender perennials. My palms will just have to fend for themselves, poor things!

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