Neat little genealogy/networking site

Kindo (pronounced Kin-doo as is what is the kin doing) is a nicely programmed genealogy and social site in the UK. It’s multilingual, very GUI and loads of fun.

From the site:

Why Kindo?

The idea behind Kindo was born in early 2007. We had just returned back to London after spending the holidays with our families, and got together over a cup of coffee.

As always, the topics were mostly about billion-dollar ideas for new startups and the latest web technology. But we also shared jokes about drunk relatives, disappointed siblings, and other worldwide family malfunctions. And we got to talk about how hard it is to keep in touch with these guys once you’re back in London. A phone call once a week is nice, but doesn’t give you enough insight in what’s really going on in your family.

At the same time, the web is exploding with new ways of communicating and staying in touch. Skype, Facebook, and LinkedIn are all great tools that are being used, not only by the younger generation, but by people from all different age groups. If my mother can use Skype (and she does – she always laughs when I turn on my web-cam), I’m sure I can convince her to use something else that helps our family to stay in touch.

That’s where Kindo was born. It’s us trying to connect with our families back home, finding out more what they’re up to. It’s about creating a modern media/web company that has a 100% focus on the family and what families want. So what you see right now is only the first small step towards realizing this vision. We like to think of the family tree on Kindo as our own version of Disney’s Mickey Mouse – something to get it all started.”

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  1. dsharma says:

    Nice to hear the kind words about Kindo Elizabeth. Looking forward to future interaction 🙂

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