Brick walls, et al.

Met another genealogist at a Gulf Breeze Chamber event, and she has a brick wall in Tennessee. Tammy Isaacs’ ancestor appears in censuses but the birth place recorded varies.

First, of course, I urged her to buy my book. Then, I suggested these sites:

East Tennessee History Center, First Families of Tennessee and their book. This project, started in 1993 to celebrate the bicentennial of the state in 1996, is an ongoing project with more than 13,000 members.

The Tennessee Archives, for the early tax lists. When you find the metes and bounds of a land parcel, and map it, then you can find who the neighbors were. Sometimes the neighbors are also relatives, or about to be, at the time the tax was paid. The archives site also has a directory Tennessee Historical Agencies.

Most libraries now have online card catalogs, and a list of the ones in Tennessee are gathered on one url at the Archives site.

The Tennessee GENWEB for the counties where the ancestor appears.

The LDS Research Guide for Tennessee.

And of course, my book!

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