GRAND RAPIDS, Mich., May 14 /PRNewswire/ — IRBO, Inc., parent company of, announced today that their groundbreaking service that connects experts in the field of ancestry to those seeking their family history has begun the final stage to their successful pilot program initiated in May of 2008. The announcement follows the company’s year-long quest for qualified international ancestry specialists and the launch of their pilot site in September 2008. The final phase has been based on the success of the program and the readiness of the site. “We’ve spent the last year networking with professionals who have a passion for genealogy and the qualifications that bring security to the seeker of their family history,” said Jack Irwin, co-founder of Genealogy Freelancers. “It’s been a monumental task, because we not only recruited through the US, but internationally as well. We have a huge pool of experts now and it’s growing daily. Everyone is really excited to move forward.”

The service provides a platform for professional genealogist freelancers and other family history experts to make offers on ancestry projects that are posted to the site in categories such as archive/genealogy research, document translations, village photography, calligraphy, and pedigrees, to name a few. “It’s a simple premise,” said Elaine Bostwick, spokesperson for the company. “The freelance specialist will be notified of any project in their particular specialty or location and then the seeker can choose which specialist they feel is best suited for the task.” Although the site was first launched as a pilot program for the specialist it is already catching on with the consumer. “The service is really unique and timely so we weren’t too surprised that we would get postings before our public launch, but it’s been wonderful to hear the excitement from our members,” added Ms. Bostwick. “It reaffirms that our idea is welcome and that it has a place in the genealogy community.”

The company stresses their commitment to customer service. Jack Irwin adds, “We are so proud of this service and prouder still that we’re the originators of the concept. There’s an obligation that comes with being the pioneer of any new business. If you believe in it and if you treat those that have faith in your service with equal respect then you’re on the right track; that’s why our customer service is and will remain top priority.”

Key Features

International memberships
Flexible project control for the Specialist
Multiple payment methods
Escrow option – providing security for the Customer and the Specialist
Fair and reasonable commission rates
Personalized customer service
Verification of members who have credentials and/or association
Mentor Program
In-house Affiliate Program

The founders of Genealogy Freelancers have a professional background in the field of genealogy and understand the needs of both the client and the professional. “We came together on this idea because we have an insight to both sides; we know what they need and we have their interests at heart.”

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