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I am so proud of my local library and so is the Florida Library Association!

The Santa Rosa County Library System was selected by the Florida Library Association as the 2009 Florida Library of the Year.  This award is presented to a Florida library that has demonstrated outstanding service to its community.  Key considerations are creativity and innovation in expansion and enhancement of service to all citizens and areas of the community and leadership in library development.  Since 2006 when the Santa Rosa County Library System became an independent operation, library visitors have significantly increase with a 70% increase in checkouts.  The Pace Library was opened and all libraries have undergone transformations in collections and space utilization.  The Gulf Breeze Library was renovated last summer and the Milton Library will be renovated this summer.  Youth program participation has significantly increased.  An outreach program providing library materials to area retirement and nursing care centers was launched.
Santa Rosa is a small county in population and ranks in the lower half of Florida for average income, yet has a respectable system. The library in Navarre is especially nice for one set in  an unincorporated area. Hats off to my local library!

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