One way to make a living at genealogy. . .

Okay, there’s more to being a professional genealogist than just helping someone join the DAR….

Assets International LLC Names Finberg As Genealogical Researcher
Southfield-based Assets International LLC has announced the hiring of Naomi Finberg as a Genealogical Researcher.
May 26, 2009 – Southfield-based Assets International LLC (, an assets location company that reunites individuals and companies with non-real estate cash assets and a global leader in finding missing or unknown heirs, has announced the hiring of Naomi Finberg as a Genealogical Researcher.
Finberg joins Assets International with experience in analyzing biblical and other ancient Near East texts.  Using these skills, she has learned the intricacies of genealogy and probate law, thus helping her to locate legal beneficiaries and establish legal entitlement to heirs, many of whom are often unaware of their familial ties.
Assets International, a licensed private investigation agency, is an industry leader in locating assets and their rightful owners, as well as missing heirs, all over the world. Using proven investigative techniques combined with an individualized approach to customer service, Assets International has successfully recovered millions of dollars for corporations and individuals and located many missing and unknown heirs on behalf of families and estates.

So there’s one career opportunity. For me, another is, boy would that make a good novel series. Intrepid genealogist solves inheritance mysteries…..;D

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