Tombstone Tuesday: Brownie Rock Obituary

A good friend of our family died this week. Brownie Rock (click for his official obituary) Brownie majored in accounting at Bowling Green College of Commerce, now Western Kentucky University, at about the same time as my father-in-law, but I believe they were friends even before that.  He was a former partner with E-town Paving Co. with my husband’s father and uncle, was my husband’s mentor and guide in many ways. In fact, if Baptists had godfathers, Brownie could be considered Mark’s.

A veteran of the US Marine Corp from 1951-1952,he saw combat in Korea.  Among his many service activities, he served on the Munfordville Fire Dept., the Munfordville City Council and the Hart County School Board.

He was a true gentleman in the oldest sense of the word: Gentle, noble in character, generous and gracious. We will miss him terribly.

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  1. Julie Tarr says:

    Sorry for your loss, he sounds like a wonderful man.

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