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 Little Shop of Memories, www.littleshopofmemories.com has been updated.  All sections of the genealogy section has had new entries.  In addition, a large number of new photos have been added to the picture area.  Several photo provided by Fred Sams – taken at the 2009 Lorenzo Hamrick Reunion in Webster Springs, W. Va.Note: My grandmother Flora Beeman Powell’s mother was a Hamrick. Mama always told me I have the “Hamrick Hips” — twins tended to run in that family.

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  1. Randy says:

    Now that I know you’re somewhat Hamrickian here’s a question.
    My neighbor is trying to find his father’s birthplace. It’s Waynesville, WV. It’s not on maps. There’s a (Patrick) Hamrick Cemetery there so pretty sure it is/was in Webster County. So any leads, dear detective, will be appreciated.


  2. Libbi says:

    Does he have a death certificate? Has he contacted the archives of WVA? I found this link:
    on that site, listing gazetteers of the state from various decades.
    Also the WVA GenWeb has one obit ( http://www.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~wvwebste/websterobits.htm)that lists Waynesville:
    GREEN, Rev. Elza Marvin of Buckhannon, died at Ruby Memorial Hospital in Morgantown on Friday, February 20, 1998. He was 95 years of age. He was born in Waynesville, on May 22, 1902, the son of the late Henry F. and Dora Alice GOFF GREEN. (1 Apr 98).
    He could email the author of that page for some information.

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