9th Edition

I’m considering whether to write a 9th edition of Genealogy Online.What would my dear readers like to see in a new edition? More on social networking? Multimedia? Databases?I’m listening….let me hear from you!

About Libbi

Writer for 30 years. Genealogy a hobby for about 40 years. Yes, I'm in my 50's, I learned about genealogy at my mother's knee!
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  1. Amy Coffin says:

    I’m a huge believer (and user) of social networking for genealogy purposes. I use my blog to find distant cousins and write articles. I use Facebook and Twitter to meet other genealogists.

    I’ve heard several professional genealogists refer to these tools as a “waste to time.” I feel that perception comes from others not understanding the value of social networking tools.

    TV on the whole is a waste of time, too, but if you take the time to sift through the junk you find some good shows there. Social networking tools are the same way for genealogy. Learn to make them work for you.

    I can talk all day on this topic. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. –Amy

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