Review: County Courthouse Book 3rd Edition by Elizabeth Petty Bentley



County Courthouse Book, 3rd Edition by Elizabeth Petty Bentley is an excellent resource for the genealogist. As the author points out, counties often have land, naturalization, vital and probate records that genealogists can use to find ancestors at a certain place and time. Also, counties and states often have intertwined histories; finding out when a county was created, and how, can often be a clue to breaking down brick walls. And also consider that in Virginia, cities are independent of their surrounding counties. Given all these factors, it is very handy to have the contact information for each county at your fingertips!Each entry has a short history, the name of the clerk and probate office, mailing address, phone number, email and web site as available, as well as what that organization charges for searches and copies. When possible, Bentley has also included the name a person to contact, a very valuable bit of data.A good book to have on your genealogy bookshelf, this volume sells for ¬†about $36 on Amazon (free shipping) and sells for $49.95 at the publisher’s site,¬†

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