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Many genealogists hold to the maxim that you must know where you came from to understand where you are going. To that end today the African Renaissance launches today in the Republic of South Africa. The first step: Encouraging genealogy.

“The family tree and genealogy project, . . . seeks to empower its members to conduct research into the family history, and mainly to create awareness about the significance of family history, genealogy, customs and traditions. The project will see the African family rising in stature as it is able to trace its roots for many generations going back, and establish its linkages with other related families in the country, the continent and the Diaspora,” said KwaZulu-Natal Premier and Chairperson of the African Renaissance in KwaZulu-Natal, Sibusiso Ndebele, at the official launch of the KwaZulu-Natal family tree project.

You can read his address here.
Genealogy Resources for South Africa
Where can I get assistance to trace my ancestry/family tree in RSA?

* Genealogical Institute of South Africa (GISA)
Contact: Mr Leon Endemann
Tel: +27 (0)21 887 5070
Fax +27 (0)21 887 5031
Postal address: PO Box 3033, Matieland, 7602

* Genealogical Society of South Africa

* National Archives of South Africa

* South African Genealogy

Ancestry24 provides a free on-line genealogy Family Tree builder as well a Learning Centre for beginners and advanced family historians.
Contact: Heather MacAlister
Tel: 021 468 8088

* Cyndi’s list of Genealogy sites on the Internet

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