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What’s in the Future for Genealogy?

Ancestry magazine – ‎Sep 24, 2009‎

Undoubtedly, the new frontier for genealogy can be summed up in three letters: DNA. Genealogists today can already determine their ethnic origins with a

Book View Ancestry magazine

The Many Faces of Family History Ancestry magazine

Past Perfected, Future Envisioned Ancestry magazine

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Meeting My New Family

Ancestry magazine – Howard Wolinsky – ‎Sep 24, 2009‎

I think the main reason is that on top of our genetic connection, we have a common interest in DNA genealogy. We feed each other’s interest and help each

Mormon Times

Lehi’s DNA: What’s missing?

Mormon Times – Michael De Groote – ‎Sep 24, 2009‎

According to Ugo Perego, senior researcher at Sorenson Molecular Genealogy Foundation, the nucleus of the human cell contains about 3.2 billion pieces of

Mother’s Eternal Influence Ancestry magazine

Grab Your Cotton Swab Ancestry magazine


DNA Proves Scottish Roots of Haley Family

Ancestry magazine – Megan Smolenyak Smolenyak – ‎Sep 24, 2009‎

Enter DNA. Chris Haley and I were at the Federation of Genealogical Societies’ annual conference a couple of years ago when Ancestry.com introduced its new

When Everyone Knows Your Family Story Ancestry magazine



A ‘kitchen table’ discussion abut DNA

Examiner.com – ‎Sep 6, 2009‎

There are several companies out there that advertise “DNA genealogy.” For around $120 (US) you can buy a kit with four cheek swaps that they analyze and

Blue-eyed Genealogy

Ancestry magazine – Howard Wolinsky – ‎Sep 24, 2009‎

But thanks to a DNA test, Jeff found out that his joke answer might be right. With blue eyes, straight, light brown hair, freckles, and light skin,

DNA Brings Genealogies Closer Together

Ancestry magazine – Howard Wolinsky – ‎Sep 24, 2009‎

“Social networking and genealogy are working hand in hand. When you look for your ancestors using DNA, the DNA found in the databases does not belong to

Cousin Barack and Me

Ancestry magazine – Howard Wolinsky – ‎Sep 24, 2009‎

Most of us who have participated in genetic genealogy testing have looked at their sex-related heritage: either the mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) passed from

DNA’s Fated Twist

Ancestry magazine – Anastasia Sutherland Tyler – ‎Sep 25, 2009‎

Interested in all things family history, Monty donated a blood sample and a four-generation family tree to the genealogical DNA database.

Leaving Your Trail of Genealogical Crumbs

Ancestry magazine – ‎Sep 24, 2009‎

It may also be a good time to have your DNA profile taken for genealogical reasons. A few years ago I started a file of comments and accolades where I place




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