PRESS RELEASE : Two genealogy libraries to merge

Elmer’s Genealogy Library in Madison, Florida, established by Elmer C. Spear will be merging with the Huxford Genealogical Library in Homerville, Georgia early in 2010.  The merged Library will be housed in Homerville.  This merger has already been approved by the Board of Directors of both libraries, and the transfer of over 30,000 books will start taking place as soon as the City of Homerville completes the renovation of the building that will house the combined libraries.  This decision to merge Elmer’s Library with the Huxford Library was made to ensure the survival of the Elmer’s Genealogy Library collection into the future.

 After the merger, the new library will be the finest private genealogical library in the southeastern United States.  The new library will be named the Folks Huxford and Elmer Spear Genealogical Library to honor the two men who sspent a lifetime accumulating this treasure of genealogical information. This new library will be managed by the Huxford Genealogical Society.

Elmer’s is in DOWNTOWN Madison, Florida Mailing Address: P. O. Box 5, Pinetta, Florida 32350 Email: Hours 10:00am – 4:00pm Wednesday through Friday

Elmer’s Genealogy Library is a 501-c-3 non profit library

Mission Statement

This library was founded to provide a safe depository for individuals who wish to share documented family histories and records for present and future generations.

Research Charges

If you request the library to do your research for you, the charge is $40.00 per hour for non-Library members and $20.00 per hour for Library members. The library will also scan and email items housed at there for $10.00 per item. The staff will happily assist you with your research at no charge if you are a member and in the library. With  over 4,000 yearbooks and over 4,000 City Directories in addition to over 16,000 other genealogy books, they personal checks, Visa, Mastercard and Paypal at

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