Way cool? Or Way TMI?

A press release relevant to the month of Halloween, the history of England, and the appeal of horror in entertainment:

Beheadings Return to the Tower of London – the One-Dimensional Travel Guide is Dead

London, United Kingdom, 3rd October 2009 — The Way2GoGuides series of dramatic new iPhone applications has just been released in the AppleT iTunesT store http://bit.ly/131oLO and lets users experience one of the Tower of London’s most infamous executions.

Each one-of-a-kind app gives an immersive encounter with London’s top visitor attractions – attending a coronation at Westminster Abbey, sheltering in St Paul’s Cathedral during the Blitz, imagining Shakespeare’s London from the London Eye – and all with the rich functionality to be expected from a new iPhone travel app.

Way2GoGuides Creative Director John Hide said, “People love watching historical dramas and we’ve recreated that experience where events actually took place. At once the stories become incredibly powerful and visitors’ perceptions of their surroundings are completely transformed.”

Regurgitated Wikipedia they most certainly are not.

The encounters can be unexpectedly humorous, quirky or emotionally moving and each app’s content neatly dove-tails with others in the series.

“People expect rich quality content when and where they choose.” John Hide comments, “The encounter doesn’t simply begin and end at the doorway – the apps provide an armchair introduction through to a lasting memento of a visit.”

Way2GoGuides extend beyond the physical boundaries of each attraction and offer ideas to consider before setting off along with suggestions for what to do afterwards, ranging from more of the same to the completely different.

Randle Stonier, Managing Director of Way2GoGuides said “We have created an entirely new set of experiences for London’s fans, visitors and explorers, available on the best mobile platform and at a price that offers superb value for money. I may be biased but I don’t believe there’s anything else out there that even comes close.”

Way2GoGuides plan to release more London apps over the coming months.

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