Surname Saturday: Beeman, Hamrick

My grandmother, Flora Geneva Beeman POWELL, was the daughter of John Wesley BEEMAN and Minnie Alma HAMRICK. They obviously had a lyrical bend of mind, judging from the names of their daughters. The sons’ names were more prosaic:

  • Flora Geneva Beeman
  • Dulcie Elmer Beeman
  • Hobson Dewey Beeman
  • Ruth Beeman
  • Leta Beeman
  • Ivy Zest Beeman (Known in the family as Zest)
  • John Cooper Beeman
  • Winifred Beeman
  • Lee Wilbur Beeman (“Bill”)

Zest, Leta, Dulcie, Flora, Winnie and Ruth. Such poetic, graceful names they always seemed to me. Maybe it was just the Edwardian mindset: they were all born between 1894 and 1915 in Mississippi.
Cool names are just part of the fun of genealogy!

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