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Tutankhamun: Research continues on his genealogy

News Trends (blog) – ‎12 hours ago‎


The DNA testing program also addresses another major figure of ancient Egypt, Queen Nefertiti, wife of Akhenaten to the legendary beauty, but whose mummy 


Video: Mystery of King Tut’s short life and death reveale ITN NEWS




Study Examines Family Lineage of King Tut, His Possible Cause of Death Science Daily (press release)

Ennahar – Daily Mail


Interest in exploring black heritage grows

The Tennessean – Janell Ross – ‎5 hours ago‎


 an African-American professor at Harvard, has long explored genealogy through DNA and public records but came to the attention of many Americans last 


New York Daily News

Genealogy for a Nation of Immigrants

New York Times – Alessandra Stanley – ‎Feb 9, 2010‎


He is not shocked to learn that he has no African or Asian traces in his DNA, and is of 100 percent European ancestry: “I am the inescapable black hole of 


‘Faces of America’ reveals family ties Los Angeles Times


‘Faces of America’: Personal stories and national history South Coast Today


Eva Longoria and Yo-Yo Ma cousins? Genetics researcher’s PBS special looks at NOLA.com

Columbus Dispatch

 ‘Faces of America’ Traces Famous Genealogy

ABC News – Lee Ferran – ‎Jan 29, 2010‎


Stephanopoulos, who submitted to DNA testing, learned that there is a relatively rare trait in his genetic code known as Group X; a trait that genealogists 


ABC Guest Reveals: George Stephanopoulos and Hillary Clinton Related? NewsBusters (blog)


Entertainment Briefs Arizona Daily Star


George Stephanopoulos learns of likely genetic link to Hillary Rodham Clinton The Canadian Press


Southside Briefs

Savannah Morning News – ‎1 hour ago‎


8:30 am-4:30 pm Saturday, The Armstrong Center, 13040 Abercorn St. One-day conference ofgenealogy and family history classes, DNA testing, and door prizes. 


New York Times

After the Beer Summit

New York Times – Deborah Solomon – ‎Feb 12, 2010‎


 new series reduces history to a game of celebrity DNA. I use celebrities to attract an audience so we can teach people about genetics and genealogy


Book of Odds


Book of Odds – Jennifer Berglund – ‎Feb 15, 2010‎


Ancestry.com, along with literally hundreds of websites, genealogy clubs across America, and DNA databases, can, within a few hours tops, tell you that 


The Hindu

Genealogy Project tracks ancestry of Charles Darwin

Vancouver Sun – Bonnie Malkin – ‎Feb 5, 2010‎


The Genealogy Project, a five-year initiative backed by National Geographic and IBM, uses new technology to examine DNA, allowing scientists to map how and 


Darwin’s genetic history suggests he came from a long line of adventurers Oneindia


Q&A: Knome’s Jorge Conde Discusses Personal Genomics, Today and Tomorrow

GenomeWeb Daily News – ‎Feb 16, 2010‎


DNA sequencing technologies have developed a lot since personal genome company Knome first launched its whole-genome sequencing and analysis service in late 

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