Yay for RootsTV!

The news was stunning.  Megan Smolenyak Smolenyak was going to stop doing  RootsTelevision.com! But her loyal fans (and I am one!!) inundated Megan and Og  with emails, tweets, and Facebook postings and messages saying how much the site meant to us.
“I honestly had no clue how valued it was by the genealogical community,” Megan wrote in an email to her fans. “And I agree with the many of you who pointed out that it serves a somewhat different purpose than the prime time programming that’s on TV at present (much as I’ve been enjoying that!). At the same time, I think many had not realized that RTV is a one-person company, but one that’s not inexpensive to provide. “
So, Megan  surveyed genealogists on Twitter and Facebook, asking whether any would be willing to tolerate commercials if it would help preserve RootsTelevision.com. The response was encouraging, so RootsTelevision will continue with ads. Among the new sponsors are Boston University and Family Tree DNA.
“Og and I are going to do a little tinkering under the hood at RTV, so you’ll see fewer new videos for a while, but please use that time to explore the hundreds of videos that are already there,” Megan wrote.
 You can also upload your own videos (podcasters welcome!) through RootsTube (http://rootstelevision.com/submit_rootstube.php)or   bookmark your favorite genealogy videos by others. So participate and help keep this wonderful resource on the Web!
You can follow Megan for the latest news here:

  • Megan on Twitter – http://twitter.com/megansmolenyak
  • Megan on Facebook – http://www.facebook.com/megansmolenyak
  • RTV on Twitter – http://twitter.com/rootstelevision
  • RTV on Facebook – http://www.facebook.com/rootstv
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