Media Release: Where to find genealogy software reviews

GenSoftReviews, the website where genealogists and family tree researchers review and rate their software, now lists over 500 different programs 

GenSoftReviews is a website that allows users of genealogy software to rate and review the programs they’ve used or tried. This allows others who are looking for programs to better compare and select software that will help them.

The site is located at:

 Now there are more than 500 programs for genealogists listed at the site. Those who are unhappy with their current software can use the listings to find a program they may find more suitable for the way they work.

The site includes 244 full featured programs that allow full recording of your family data and more.

There are 170 utility programs that do something useful by reading the data produced by a full featured program. And there are more than 80 programs that do not work directly with your genealogy data, but perform useful functions for family researchers.Over 300 of the programs are for Windows.

There are 44 for the Mac, 36 for Unix and 26 for handheld devices. In addition there are over a hundred online programs listed, many of which are full featured and allow you to store and share your data online.Almost half of the programs listed are free.

In January, GenSoftReviews awarded its first User Choice Awards based on user ratings of their programs. The top program was Roots Magic with an average rating of 4.94 out of 5. Other top programs included Legacy, The Next Generation, Brother’s Keeper, Personal Ancestral File, Reunion, Family Tree Builder and GRAMPS.”Most genealogists are unaware of how many different software packages they have to choose from. Each have different capabilities and benefits, and there is no reason why anyone should be stuck using a program they don’t like” says Louis Kessler who developed and maintains the site.

The Genealogy Software Reviews site is free to use and does not require registration

About Louis KesslerLouis Kessler has been a genealogist and programmer for over 30 years. He has published newspaper articles on genealogy, given presentations on genealogy, and is Past President of a regional Heritage Center.

He is the developer of the genealogy program known as Behold that can be found at

Contact InfoLouis Kessler  111 Wallingford Cres.,Winnipeg, MB, Canada R3P 1L5   Phone: (204) 488-2858  Website:

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