Family Recipe Friday: Mama’s Creamed Tuna

“Family Recipe Friday is an opportunity to share your family recipes with fellow bloggers and foodies alike. Whether it’s an old-fashioned recipe passed down through generations, a recipe uncovered through your family history research, or a discovered recipe that embraces your ancestral heritage share them on Family Recipe Friday. This series was suggested by Lynn Palermo of The Armchair Genealogist (”

So, I blogged earlier this week that one of my comfort foods was creamed tuna, which yes, I would eat for breakfast when Mama made it. I searched my recipe cards and did not find a recipe written down, so the below is strictly from memory. It serves about 4, and is perfect for a cold day’s lunch or dinner as well.

Creamed Tuna

1 hard-cooked egg
1 Tablespoon margarine
1 Tablespoon all-purpose flour
pinch salt
1/2 cup milk
1 tablespoon green pepper — chopped
1 tablespoon pimiento — chopped
Dash teaspoon cayenne pepper
6 to 8 ounces flaked tuna (“one can”)
Peel egg and chop coarsely, reserve for later step. Melt margarine. Add flour and salt. Stir until smooth. Cook 5 minutes. Add milk gradually, stirring constantly with a wire whip. Cook until thickened. Add green pepper, pimiento, and seasonings to sauce. Add tuna and eggs to sauce. Heat through . Serve with 4-oz ladle on toast, biscuits, or corn bread.
Other cooked fish may be substituted for tuna, for example salmon, or smoked fish.
Mama often used leftover peas instead of hard-cooked eggs and green pepper.   Or use some shredded cheddar instead of eggs, making a sort of “tuna rarebit”.

As to heritage, well this recipe is just so…WASP!!!

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  1. Northerndeb says:

    Had to comment on this one. I grew up on creamed tuna and also creamed chipped beef on toast. I like your variation as mine was just tuna & peas. What a great memory; I’m going to go get some tuna now… 🙂

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