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Well, thanks to a very rainy weekend, I was able to enter all the names, dates and places on that scroll into Ancestry.com. Then I started looking for census, birth and death records and had a good deal of luck. Now I’m trying to fill in blanks where my MIL had some clues but no definitive data.

And it got me to remembering that I need to put my mother’s work on Ancestry.com as well. Problem is, I don’t have it all. Some is on an old computer whose hard drive fried. No recovery possible, my son in law (who knows these things) tells me, unless some government agency thinks there is something really important on there…I have some paper records of her research , and a book that my friend and cousin Jeanne Hand Henry compiled on her families, that includes my father’s Hamrick, Beeman families and  some of the Powells. This book is well footnoted, so I can put in that data then go looking for the birth, death and marriage records she names.

But Mama had much more, and I can’t find any of the old GEDCOMS that I know we uploaded to RootsWeb and other sites in the 1990s. So if any of you have some data from Frances May Spencer Powell from way back when, on the Spencers, Minors,  and Abbotts, and on the Powells, Fortsons, and  Hamricks, let me know, ok?

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