Review: Quicksheet for Genealogical Problem Analysis

Just in time to help, I received a review copy of Quicksheet: Genealogical Problem Analysis- A Strategic Plan- Evidence! Style by Elizabeth Shown Mills.

QuickSheet for Problem Solving

So I am going to start pursuing Reason Powell using her 10-step solution to genealogical problems. The QuickSheet is the outgrowth of a lifetime of professional experience, the 10 steps provide a systematic basis for problem solving unique to genealogy.  In addition to the 10 steps, this  QuickSheet contains a “Life Stages Worksheet”–a form to be filled in covering most life events from birth to death through six specific stages of life. This single-page form allows for a systematic listing of records  to review at a glance. You can copy this form and write on that copy, or use grease pencil and write on the laminated sheet itself, rubbing it clean as you find better data. The problem analysis QuickSheet is a laminated two-sided sheet designed, like its companions, for heavy use, in libraries, at your desk, and so on.

Here’s hoping!

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