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Got this note:

Hi, Libbi. I was reading your blog over at Crowe’s Nest and wanted to see if I could help you find Reason in the census prior to 1950. In looking for clues, I discovered that 1) This property is in Cahaba, Dallas Co., Alabama (not Cahaba Co.; no such animal) and 2) This purchase took place on 21 Oct 1834. The 1820 reference is to the act of Congress authorizing the sale.”

And of course he is correct. Also, I found that someone named Gib(p)son bought land nearby. Now by 21 Oct 1834, Reason was married to Anna Gibson, so this is another clue.

Here is the  Land patent image.

I have sent a lookup request to someone with some South Carolina circa 1800 information, and I am hoping for the best!


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