…Finding More on Julia….

So in searching for Julia Ann Jolley May’s life, I have come up with this much information, and logged it on Ancestry.com: Here is some of what I have found:
1856 19 Mar Birth Tennessee, USA Sources:
1880 United States Federal Census
1900 United States Federal Census
1910 United States Federal Census
1920 United States Federal Census
1930 United States Federal Census
Kentucky Death Index, 1911-2000
Kentucky Death Records, 1852-1953

1880 Age: 24, Residence Buford, Ohio, Kentucky, United States. In this census, the family is listed as white. Joseph is 68, Julia is 22 and keeping house, her four teenage siblings at home, and the mother is not listed.

1881 14 Apr Age: 25, Marriage to Nelson Thomas May Ohio County, Kentucky, USA

1900 Age: 44, Residence Magisterial District 5, Buford, Ohio, Kentucky

1900 Age: 44, Residence Magisterial District 5, Buford, Ohio, Kentucky Stories (1)

1910 Age: 54, Residence Hartford, Ohio, Kentucky

1910 Age: 54, Residence Hartford, Ohio, Kentucky

1920 Age: 64, Residence Heflin, Ohio, Kentucky

1930 Age: 74, Residence Bartlett, Ohio, Kentucky

1946 31 Dec Age: 90, Death Mclean, Kentucky, United States

Now, in the census that first lists her, the family is living in Jefferson City, Tennessee. That is not too far from North Carolina, as he lists his birthplace. And this is definitely Cherokee territory, so to speak, just 40 miles from the present day Great Smokey Mountains National Park.

After going to a Genealogy Meetup with Kay Rudolph, I came up with this information on the Jolley family:

Abraham Jolly, Died 1917 in Livermore, McLean, Kentucky, father Joe Jolly Mother Bettie Perkins. This seems to be a brother. Abraham Jolly, age 5 is listed with the family in the 1870 Federal Census in Jefferson County, Tennessee.

Joseph Jolley appears in a Pedigree Resource File (remember, PRF is all secondary information to me, because this is someone else’s research of records). Though his age in the 1870 census would put his birth date at 1802, this PRF file says birth 1807, Iredell County, North Carolina. This PRF file Shows the marriage to Elizabeth Perkins 11 September 1850, which is what I found in Kentucky Marriage Records. In the same file Elizabeth Jane is listed as born 1855 Jefferson County, TN, and again the census of 1870 would put her birth at 1854.

This file shows Joseph’s father as William, who married Lucinda Allen; William’s father as Charles, no mother listed.

Nothing in this file shows any connection to the Cherokee, but some good clues to chase down. .

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  1. Liz, looks like you are making some progress. I wish that when the PRF was first introduced they would have required sources (as in citation/documentation); I have found the names, occasionally, of the submitter. I always try to contact these folks, but most of the time, I don’t really find anyone who wants to collaborate with me or else the email address isn’t current.

    Still, we love those clues! Some will hopefully, pan out. And I generally find that the birth years on the census are the least accurate when compared with other sources.

  2. Libbi says:

    Yes, PRF is just enough information to get you excited and frustrated, most often. Still, I always check it. You never know….

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