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Haring off into the data and Tennessee…..

My new friend, Kay Rudolph, has been helping me with this brick wall. Kay has much better genealogy chops that I, and an analytical mind that leaves me in awe. We met on the MeetUp group Gulf Breeze Genealogists and she was fascinated by my puzzle.

After our first meetup at the Navarre Public Library, Kay and I both decided to keep looking at Julia Jolley’s family. First, because that surname is on the Dawes Rolls, two or three generations after Julia. Second because that family lived in the area of the Smokey Mountains where the Cherokee were known to live when the Europeans came. And thirdly, we just had a feeling. (True Miracles in Genealogy anyone?)

So I went home and started searching all the usual suspects for clues. First, I found a Kentucky Death Record for one of Julia’s brothers:, Abraham Jolley, as I noted yesterday. About the same time, Kay was finding that Bettie Perkins Jolley died around 1878 and is buried in a cemetery in Kentucky.

Kay continued searching in Jefferson County, Tennesee censuses for clues about the Perkins family (also a surname on the Dawes Rolls). She found one C. W. (Contanstine W.) who is near the Jolleys about the time of the marriage of Elizabeth and Joseph, and finds his occupation is basket weaver.

CW Perkin(s) in Census

In fact, in the 1850 Census this is the only Perkins family in the area at the same time Elizabeth and Joseph (or Betsie and Joe as they seem to have been known to the family) are living in the area, too.


Meanwhile, I am finding that in the 1790 Census, in North Carolina, William Jolley, Joe’s father, is living quite near Charles Jolley in Iredell County, NC. And that one person in the PRF believes that Charles is William’s father.

So we are still looking, but we feel these Appalachian families are a good bet….

Found this today:

Information provided by: Kentucky Historical Society  3/1/2012
100 West Broadway, Frankfort, KY 40601, 502.564.1792

Grave Information

Last Name: JOLLEY
First Name: Betsie
Middle Name:
Maiden/Alt Surname:
Date of Birth: 01 /  / 1838
Date of Death: 01 / 18 / 1878
Date of Birth Note:
Date of Death Note:
Inscription: Wife of J. Jolley
General Notes:
Grave Status: Identifiable
Quantity Graves: UNKNOWN
Quantity Remains: UNKNOWN

Cemetery Information

Cemetery Name: Jolley Cemetery
County Name: Daviess
USGS Quadrangle: UNKNOWN
Physical Location: Off the Harmon’s Ferry Road., east of Livia, KY
Cemetery Type: UNKNOWN
General Notes: 1.



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