Wish I was there….

This week, theĀ  Federation of Genealogical Societies meeting in Birmingham, and I’m not there. I’m actually packing for a boating trip, and putting things back in order after hurricane preparations. But when I return from that, I’m going to try to start getting back to genealogy, blogging, and writing in general.

I have, in the last few months, been sending off requests to Ancestry Findings. This wonderful site puts different resources up for free look ups for limited times. Keep up with this site via email, and when something is open for free look ups that involves your surnames or geographic areas, shoot them a request. It takes a bit, because a volunteer will look up for you what you ask for, and then email it to you. If you need hard copy, they can mail that to you surface mail, for a very small fee.

So before I take off for a week of scalloping, snorkeling and swimming, let me leave you with that recommendation, and a shout out to my buddies who are gathered in Birmingham!

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Writer for 30 years. Genealogy a hobby for about 40 years. Yes, I'm in my 50's, I learned about genealogy at my mother's knee!
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