Genealogy at a Glance Guide: Cherokee Genealogy Research

I received a (free) review copy of   Cherokee Genealogy Research (Genealogy at a Glance) the other day and was excited. Myra Vanderpool Gormley, CG, of course is a recognized Certified Genealogist. She is the author of this handy, four page, laminated guide.  You may also recall that I am chasing down my husband’s ancestor who may have been a member of the Cherokee tribe.

This is a handy guide to have next to you at the computer, at the library or at a courthouse. It lists some of the common surnames the Cherokee adopted, a brief history of interactions between European-descended Americans and the Cherokee groups, and a good list of records and databases to search. She gives details on the different rolls  (censuses) available at the Family History Library, the National Archives and sometimes online.

The three official Cherokee group’ websites, and other online resources, are also listed.

I found this guide very well written, and helpful. This is one is a keeper.

Genealogy at a Glance guide: Cherokee Genealogy Research

Genealogy at a Glance guide: Cherokee Genealogy Research 

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