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Went down the genealogy rabbit hole today. Spent some time looking for info on Edgefield Co SC 1802-1830, and Sumter County AL 1830-1850. Using WORLDCAT, I found a few books on those topics, some of which are in libraries in Baldwin County and Escambia County. – Don’t know that they will mention my Reason, but there’s hope.  Just wish I could find out what he was up to from 1802 to 1832 when he married Anna…..

I also set about printing out all I do know. Marian Pierre-Louis’ webinar on brick walls had some great ideas, one of which is to research siblings. I don’t know Reason’s siblings any more than I do his parents, BUT I do know about his kids, siblings to my ggf James Randolph Powell. So the next little tunnel will be seeing if I can find information on the rest of the brood…and it would be great if I could find out where and when Anna died….But for now, I’m going to chase after Mary Louisa, George Washington, Nancy Ann, Francis Marion, Josephine and Thomas Jefferson Powell….

Just a quick recap:

Children of William Reason “Reese” Powell and Anna Gibson were as follows:
Mary Louisa  Powell, born 1833.
George Washington  Powell, born 1837.

Children of William Reason “Reese” Powell and Louisa Foster were as follows:
Nancy Ann Powell, born 14 Aug 1845 in Sumter County, Alabama, USA; died 8 Oct 1919 in Stonewall, Clarke, Mississippi, USA.
William Henry Powell, born 17 Nov 1850 in Georgia, United States.
-> MY ANCESTOR James Randolph Powell, born 15 Nov 1853 in Kemper, Mississippi, United States; died 1 Jan 1933 in Collinsville, Lauderdale, Mississippi, United States.  He married in 1875 Susan Christian Fortson, born 12 Jun 1859 in Alabama; died 31 Oct 1931 in Collinsville  MS, daughter of Joseph Gail Fortson and Sarah Ann Eliza RADFORD.   Notes: James Randolph was a 32 degree Mason. He and his wife are buried at Pine Grove Baptist Church Cemetery. Souce: Aunt Ruth Beeman Walker (Mrs. Joseph Raymond).
Francis Marion Powell, born 25 Apr 1856 in Meridian, Lauderdale, Mississippi, United States; died 19 Dec 1931 in Martin, Lauderdale, Mississippi, United States. *(I always thought this was ironic, because this great-uncle of my father had the same names as my mother and her brother.)
Josephine Powell, born 22 Apr 1858 in Meridian, Lauderdale, Mississippi, United States; died 26 Mar 1913 in Kemper, Mississippi, United States.
Thomas Jefferson Powell, born 1866 in Meridian, Lauderdale, Mississippi, United States.

So, anyone out there in genealogy land who might be descended from these folks, give me a shout!

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