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Boxes and Boxes!

This past weekend I brought home all my late mother's files, notes, pictures and books on genealogy. I am sorting, scanning and winnowing this treasure trove. Can one feel daunted and excited at the same time?
Already, I have come up on a small problem, and if anyone out there reading this is from the New York area:
In the New York Genealogical and Biographical Record back in the 20s, were published three articles on Silas Crippen:
Silas Crippen 1759-1831
1924 V55 #3 p251-262
1924 V55 #4 p378-384
1925 V56 ‪#‎l‬ p3-8
Mama copied all of the first article, and I just turned that into a searchable PDF. Anyone who needs that can private message me.
BUT--This is Frances we are talking about. She seems to have skipped the second article, and she copied the third article, but pp. 4 and 5 are missing.

Now, as I have found sheets of paper in this Crippen file that pertain to Reason Powell, to Bradford Tree, to Dexter Hungerford and to Thomas Minor, I'm somewhat hopeful that the missing pages are still in this box, just mis-filed. HOWEVER, comma, should anyone out there have already copied V56 #1 pp3-8 and be willing to send me a copy, boy would I be grateful!!! I would pay postage, scan them into a searchable PDF and send them right back!
Praying to all the Genealogy Angel Corps!

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