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Add this bookmark to your Genealogy favorites

Big Thanks to for coming up with this idea!

If you ever wake up one morning and say to yourself, 'Self, I want to learn more about genealogy today', then  head over to There you will find a Google Calendar schedule of  online meetings, classes, hangouts, seminars and webinars to be held on the Web. Many are free, although many are fee-based.

Note: The times on the calendar are  in U. S. Eastern Time Zone (New York).  If you need a time zone converter see:

Click on any entry and you will find details on the sponsor or presenter, probably the originator's web site and details on the subject matter. The presenters may use  Adobe Connect, AnyMeeting, Captera, Google Hangouts, GoToMeeting, GoToWebinar, Live Meeting, Skype, Web-Ex, and Wiggio for a few examples. The presenter's web site usually has details on how to download what you need.

What else is great: If you have your OWN Google calendar as I do, you can make GeneaWebinars appear on yours. Down in the extreme right bottom corner you will see this image:

Add to Google Calendar

Click on it, and your Google calendar appears. Tell the dialog box yes, and poof! you now will see all the upcoming GeneaWebinar events.

How Cool is THAT?

Thanks again to DearMYRTLE for this great tool!


1 thought on “Add this bookmark to your Genealogy favorites

  1. tape52

    I am teaching a binenging course on family history here in Wellington, FL. It is taking place at a store that is devoted almost exclusively to scrap booking and scrap booking materials. The owner is very interested in genealogy but hadn't thought about turning genealogy into a great scrap booking project. I attended your lecture in 2007 at the Florida State Genealogical Society's annual conference in Orlando. I remember the great job you did on the book you had on display.I would like to purchase your book How to Create.. Could you please tell me the cost of book.

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