Little Shop of Memories

Stumbled upon a nice site called “Little Shop of Memories” with genealogy on these families:

Bratulich, Cokeley, Hamrick, Lee, Sole, Welle

It has a bit of social networking, a photo gallery of folks related to these lines, and more. What I like about the site is the use of the GEDViewer, where you can explore the site’s GEDCOMs, search for specific names, and so on. In this way, I quickly saw that I am related to the folks in the Hamrick GEDCOM, though not in the others. I was soon exchanging information with M. Hamrick, the site’s owner!

I found this site searching for some Hamrick genealogy, as my great-grandmother was a Hamrick. Her daughter, my grandmother, was a Beeman. GrandPowell, as we called my father’s mother, was smart, hard working, an excellent seamstress, and, well, “high maintenance” would be a nice way to put it. At a family reunion after both my Powell grandparents were gone, one of the great-aunts told my mother, “Frances, I know you had your trials with Flora, but if you think she was bad, child, you should have known her mother!”

Probably, some descendant will say the same about me to my great-grandchildren someday….

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