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Hi everyone! I just got back from a four-day visit to Huntsville, Alabama. I went to my high school reunion, visited my brother, met an old friend for lunch, shopped and enjoyed looking at the mountains.

I didn’t blog Monday and Tuesday, so today will be a three-for-one!

1. All of Scandinavian Cooking

In her new cookbook, “All of Scandinavian Cooking” Sofie Michelsen showcases her favorite recipes from Norway, Denmark and Sweden. What makes it interesting to me is the section on Scandinavian traditions and foods for holidays and seasons.

Michelsen  opens with a brief history of Scandinavian cuisine, including an introduction to some of the region’s world-famous products, before teaching you how to prepare  classics such as Smorrebrod and pancakes. The measurements are in imperial (not metric) and the pictures are lovely.

My two problems with the book: No index, so if you like a recipe, you just have to remember what section it is in; and sometimes the writing is a bit stilted. But those are quibbles. Overall, it is a lovely celebration of heritage through cooking, and I really like it.

More information is available at http://www.scandinaviancookbook.com/.

2. FamilySearch Census Records are Still Free

The recent announcements of joint census projects with FamilySearch and affiliate companies, such as findmypast.org and Ancestry.com, have caused some confusion. FamilySearch patrons and indexing volunteers are wondering if the indexes created from their efforts will continue to be free to the public. The answer is a resounding YES!

All data indexed by FamilySearch volunteers will continue to be made available for free to the public through FamilySearch.org—now and in the future. Access to related digital images may not always be free to everyone.

The general public will have several options to access any fee-based images offered under FamilySearch affiliate agreements. 1) Home access will be free for FamilySearch members; 2) access is free through a local Family History Center or the Family History Library; 3) access is often free through the record custodian or archive reading room; or 4) for a nominal fee, the public can access the images on specified record custodian or commercial Web sites.

3. Careers in Genealogy

A blog fan wrote me an email asking about careers in genealogy, as he was ready for a career change. If you want to be a professional, pursue certification from a group such as the Association of Professional Genealogists, The International Commission for the Accreditation of Professional Genealogists,  and the Board for the Certification of Genealogists. The latter (BCG)  have a set of tests and qualifications, and a specific set of steps to follow for you to be certified as a professional, while the ICAPG accredits. They all have a code of conduct for you to follow even if you are an amateur.

Most areas have a community colleges, right? Another thing you could do is teach at the community colleges as an associate professor. Teach genealogy research at the continuing education department or an elective course at the undergraduate level. DearMYRTLE has a teaching genealogy blog at http://blog.teachgenealogy.com/.

You probably already belong to a wonderful genealogy society where you volunteer. Once certified, contact them about being a lecturer at their workshops, seminars and meetings.
You can also help at the library. Help folks get started in their research, etc. If your library doesn’t have a genealogy section, volunteer to start one!

Finally, write a book. It could be about your genealogy, or research in your state, or a history. I love writing for a living and you can’t find a better boss than yourself!

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  1. Myrt :) says:

    Welcome home Libby!

    Rest if good for the soul, and a trip home is always a great idea. Ol’ Myrt here is looking forward to more podcast interviews with you starting next week!

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